Nuclearsoft ERP System - TST Technology Quick Tour

* It is a new technology which can constantly customise ERP software functions alongside company development
* It is a simple development tool which can be handled easily, even by non-technicians
The TST Technology technical spec mainly consists of two parts: the componentsˇ¦ property alteration and the command set.

(1) Componentsˇ¦ property alteration:
The first part mainly enables changes in the software interface according to different companiesˇ¦ culture in various business sectors. With TST?component property alteration, you can modify different components in software such as text, labels and the hiding or enabling of any component, as you require.

* All components in the software can be modified in real time, including: (Example)

    Change name / title
    Change position
    Change size

* All input boxes in the software can be modified in TST properties window, including: (Example)

    Add on menu
    Add on calendar

* Various components can be added into the software interface in real time, including: (Example)

    Add button
    Add input box

(2) TST command set:
The TST command set includes three aspects: data control, formula customisation and component function programming.
It mainly allows users to add new functions or modules into the ERP system, including: (Example)

    Adding an extra database: (e.g. Palette Management Module)
    Adding an extra module: (Call Center)

Over a decade of ERP implementation experience with gathering different business natures requirements to keep our software development in good direction of user friendly.