Nuclearsoft Support

Nuclearsoft ERP System Implementation

1. (Understand Company)

Understand the whole company workflow including:

  • The company culture, and the relative with its industry
  • The company background and its traditional
  • The company・s industry norm /li>
  • The company working procedures

Make clear the company worflow, then we will provide company workflow to guide the whole ERP implementation.
2. (Simplify Operation)

Acknowledge the company workflow in order to understand the operation of each working procedures in workflow:

  • Knowing each users・operation step during working procedures in company workflow
  • Knowing each users・operation style
  • Knowing each users・using methods

Make clear the users operation, then we will provide company operation guide to ensure the ERP Operation

3. (Training & Run)

After confirming the company workflow and operation guide:

  • Setup ERP Implementation target and objective
  • Setup ERP implementation team
  • Confirm the company's network is funtionable, and then install Nuclearsoft ERP server program & remote control sofware

According to the different customers in order to implement ERP by each ERP Module and setup schedule

  • According to the company workflow and operation guide to design ERP customization and confirm initial date
  • Confirm the customization stage's completion date and trial run date
  • Confirm the trial run stage's completion date and starting ERP date

By our Nuclearsoft CRM System, it manage each our customer's ERP implementation schedule, it will send periodic progress table providing the progress information, remind each milestone and time frame during implementation process to the customer

4. (Benefit)

Success implementation bring a great benefit to the company to accelerate the cost & time efficiency in different aspects including:

  • Company workflow
  • Company operation
  • Accurate accounting data
  • Reasonable allocate company resource by viewing different reports. Such as :
  • - Different integrated sales reports
  • - Different integrated purchase reports
  • - Different integrated costing reports
  • - Different integrated operating reports

Nuclearsoft Customer Support Service

We provide on-site training, instant remote technical support through remote desktop as well to help users solving different operation problems immediately.
  • Guide user software operation instantly
  • Guide user to find operation error
  • Guide user to use supporting functions and TST functions
  • Guide user to customize print-out forms and reports