Nuclearsoft Profile

"Nuclearsoft ERP help expanding your business through Internet."
Nuclearsoft Ltd. is a well established software development firm in Hong Kong including sofware and web based program devevelopment. According to the different business natures with their different requirements, we started our development team using new internet technologies and methods since 1999 of Nuclearsoft International Ltd. Then we had launched different softwares - Nuclearsoft Accounting system, Nuclearsoft CRM system, Nuclearsoft Inventory System, Nuclearsoft POS system, Nuclearsoft MRP system and so on.
In 2004, we integrate our different systems into mainly Nuclearsoft ERP V3 and launched by Nuclearsoft Ltd.

In 2005, our first version Nuclearsoft ERP V3 launched.

In 2007, Nuclearsoft ERP V3 upgrade to Nuclearsoft ERP V4

In 2009, successful develop TST Technology

We believe:
1. In the world, 80% companies are small or medium size, so a stable and flexible ERP system can help our users to compete with their big size or other rivals in the market. We believe cost effective is the most important factor for them to win, that we also can be easy to survive in the market,too.

2. Each Nuclearsoft ERP's milestones which is not just set by us is also our customers use their wisdom to organise their software experience and company mangement together to make it for us. So, quick respond to our users and keep empower our Nuclearsoft ERP are our main direction anyway.

3. Internet is the new technology in the world that is changing our life. In the future, we will focus on our Nuclearsoft ERP to be empowered by the internet like Nuclearsoft ERP online training center, Nuclearsoft Web system V1 and so on. So that you will see more and more internet functions in the future, it can help you to gather or link up different vendors or customers in the world by our Nuclearsoft ERP.