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We strive to solve various problems especially in trading, production and retail industries

  • [Trading Industry]
    Nuclearsoft ERP help trading industry to establish a integrated company workflow, each procedure link up together to minimize human mistakes.
    • Integrate sales management and CRM into ERP system
    • Integrate supplier chain management into ERP system
    • Integrate warehousing mangement & accounting system into ERP system

    All data is completely consistent in a integrated management system, in order to reduce delayed shipments with unknown reasons, reduce human resource, reduce goods arrangement error. Further, fully automated accounting journal function to reduce the workload and mistakes by accountants, variety of accounting statements or reports can be shown up immediately.
    Including garment accessories, machinery etc..
  • [Manufacturing Industry]
    Nuclearsoft ERP is based on sales, purchase, warehouse management, accounting system as foundation with production system together to form an integrated production platform.
    • Leading simple & professional production mode to fit it in different manufacturing production style.
    • Variety BOM management to suit for different production processes. All-in-one production planning such as MRP, MRP II, Production Scheduling, MPP etc.
    • Nuclearsoft TST technology is easy development tool which is for special requirements in different manufacturing processes to program their needs.

    including toy,electronic,machinery etc..
  • [Retail Industry]
    Nuclearsoft ERP System help retail industry to establish an internet platform (POS) interconnecting with differents nodes in different places.
    • Different places distributors and sales nodes can interconnect together with the ERP system to form a internet platform.
    • Integrate data together and synchronize each sales nodes by internet.

    After data integrated, messages & news can be exchanged synchronously between different working areas to accelerate the cost effective and working efficiency.

    Including leather products, garment, metal accessories, healthy food, hardware etc..
Solving some particular industries problems

  • [Electricity power] Intelligent cockpit
    Nuclearsoft ERP System provides API to link up with OPC (open Platform communications), this technology help different hardwares such as batteries, devices, senors etc. to link up together with same data transmit standard, that means all different hardwares' data can be integrated and centralized control.
    • The status of machine clusters in different districts, even each machine's status can be gathered in control center.
    • Gather activities information from different officers who work in different districts to the control center.
    • Information of different devices can be gathered in control center such as attendance device, each testing hardware, camera and etc..

    After data integrated, different working areas accelerate working efficiency.

    Including Machine manufacturer, electricity power company

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